Friday, September 14, 2007

Book list

This is a list of books I need to get (and may become my Christmas list). I'll keep editing it as I remember which ones I've forgotten.

Giorgio Agamben - The Coming Community

Kofi Agawu - Representing Africa: Postcolonial Queries, Notes and Positions

Jean Baudrillard - The System of Objects

Jean Baudrillard - The Spirit of Terrorism: And Requiem for the Twin Towers

Jean Baudrillard - Forget Foucault

Jacques Derrida - Of Grammatology

Homi K. Bhabha - The Location of Culture

Michel Foucault - The History of Sexuality (vol 1-3)

Ellie Hisama - Gendering Musical Modernism

Luce Irigaray - An Ethics of Sexual Difference

Luce Irigaray - Speculum of the Other Woman

Alice Jardine and Paul Smith (eds.) - Men in Feminism

Susan McClary - Feminine Endings

Jean-Luc Nancy - Birth of Presence

Jean-Luc Nancy - Hegel: The Restlessness of the Negative

Keith Potter - Four Musical Minimalists

Edward Said - Orientalism

Ruth A. Solie (ed.) - Musicology and Difference

Edward Stickland - Minimalism: Origins

Virginia Woolf - Mrs. Dalloway

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