Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Strawberry Lemonade.

I'm not sure what to write here, but I feel that I am obliged.  I just took my first written exam, in which I was asked two questions, the first of which covered 3 topics (though only mentioned 2) and the second of which covered 2, as well as some extra-topicular material (namely, Schönberg).  The experience was strange.

Shaking was hard not to do, especially at first.  I was both excited by the encounter, and quite frightened about the slowness with which I comprehended the first question (which dealt with Deleuze and Guattari as well as the more complicated feminists I've been looking at).  While I have been too cowardly to review my writing, I fear it was somewhat inchoate.  I, in spite of myself, neglected to map out an outline, and the result is that, in my excitement, I occasionally lost my way.

On the whole I think it was successful.  It seems to me that I demonstrated at least sufficient knowledge to pass, and I hope to have actually done quite well on the first question.  The second was more difficult to manage, since I am uncertain about how much the asker knew about the subjects.  I may have given too much background, I may have given too little.  In any event, there was undoubtedly insufficient analysis, but the nature of the quesiton, if I read the asking well enough, necessitated this outcome.

At any rate, it is done, and in Elena's hands now.  I need only wait until Friday, when I'll be asked anew.

I pee a lot when I work under pressure from home.

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