Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hip Hop and Hope

So I just watched the Colbert Report from last Thursday, and he had on a guest who wrote a book which the author summarizes as an explanation of why hip hop will never save black culture. Why? because even in the "conscious rap" (remember: Kweli says he's not conscious, he's just awake) it's still just people sticking their middle finger up and complaining--which, for Mike at least, will recall a quotation closer to home.

After the show the first song on my pandora station was Gang Starr's "Robin Hood Theory":

Which opens by explaining the importance of educating the youth. Now I don't want to engage here in a discussion of the benefits and dangers of religion, but this is pretty clearly a call to action, not a complaint.

Can you think of a single "conscious" rapper who hasn't discussed the importance of family and education?

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Kim said...

Pete- Everyone knows rap/hip hop music is just about drugs, sex and violence. Even when it's not. Besides, it's just pop music so it's not like it matters anyway.